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At 4AM this morning Tropical Cyclone Ann was named by the Bureau Of Meteorology. The LOW initially formed East of the Solomon Islands early in the week and has been gradually deepening. The system was impacted by a strong southerly burst of air (if you live in Queensland you would have felt that air come through yesterday) and as that burst of southerly air interacted with the circulation it began producing gales overnight.

Visible image of TC Ann - NOAA

The cyclone will move towards and eventually hit the Far North coast of Queensland but in a much weaker form on Wednesday. The cyclone continues to pose no threat to the Queensland coast.

BoM track map for TC Ann

Even though the cyclone poses no threat to the coast, winds to the south of Ann will remain strong at 20 - 30 knots and with gusts possible up to 40/45knots in squally showers. We should also see a sharp increase in shower activity across the NE coast of Queensland particularly north of Townsville (but a small increase in shower activity south to Mackay can also be expected) from Tuesday to Thursday. Current model rainfall estimates show falls of 100-300mm over the next week across coastal parts of North-East Queensland between Cooktown and Rollingstone. Lesser falls expected north and south of those locations. Rain total estimates are far lower once we move inland from the ranges. Would you like more information? consider supporting our work at OCC and become a subscriber of our weather service.