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Tropical Cyclone Ann was downgraded from Category 2 earlier this evening, however the system may show signs of re-intensification overnight. Subscribers - we have released a recent video update on this system on the "Nitso's Weather Videos" page here

Computer models indicate the TC will approach the coast Tuesday night and hit the coast on Wednesday morning on the Eastern Peninsula. The system is expected to hit the coast as a Tropical LOW or very weak Category One asymmetrical cyclone.

NOAA image showing all model forecast tracks for TC Ann with colours representing intensity based on the Saffir Simpson Scale

The LOW/cyclone is expected to produce strong winds on its southern side with wind gusts to 120km/hr quite possible just south of the core. image of the highest likely wind gusts in knots over the next 10 days

Whether it hits the coast as a LOW or a TC will make little difference in the intensity of the weather experienced to its south.

The Bureau Of Meteorology have released a flood watch from Cooktown to Ingham and a Tropical Cyclone Watch from the tip of Cape York south to Port Douglas on the North Tropical Coast.

OCC have been releasing subscriber updates on this system over the past week to access these please consider supporting our work and becoming a subscriber at

Oz Cyclone Chasers will be having a live public update on our Facebook Page around 7:00PM Tuesday evening looking at the landfall of this system. Interested parties in the Cairns to Cape York area are encouraged to tune in.