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The Bureau Of Meteorology has issued its latest 2019/2020 Seasonal Outlook suggesting the upcoming season will likely be below average. This corresponds closely to our seasonal outlook issued last month to subscribers. A combination of higher surface pressures, cooler waters off Northern Australia and a positive IOD are likely causes for the decreased activity expected this season. The below average cyclone season outlook is also compounded by a later than normal start to the wet season and below average rainfall predictions for the next 6 months resulting in lower stream flows across many North Australian rivers.

Our own internal subscriber map released in September shows where these anomalies are likely to be felt the most.

As is always the case, it only takes one to dramatically impact property, lives and the economy so just because the season is set to be a slower one, does not mean we are immune. The risk may be slightly lower, but it's only a slight decrease.

You can check out the Bureau's full outlook video here

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