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Oz Cyclone Chasers are deeply committed to safety of both our chase team and of the general public. We also have a deep passion to scientifically document using visual and data logging methods, what actually goes on inside tropical cyclones. We do this in order to better understand the dynamics associated with these systems upon landfall and their effects on the human and physical geography in the locations where they cross. We feel the best way to do this is through a mixture of pre/during and post analysis. 

Below are the mission statements that our Oz Cyclone Chasers team are bound by:


  • Safety of ourselves and the general community are of paramount importance. We will never endanger ourselves or others in the pursuit of data logging or video documentation. If we recognise that members of the general public are under threat, we will do what we can to assist them without endangering the lives of the team members.

  • We will always attempt to provide public services free of charge. Public services include:

  • Free informational updates via social media. 

  • Free provision of pieces of processed and raw video from inside the disaster post disaster. 

  • Free provision of any documentaries created for government organisations such as schools, BoM and disaster management organisations. 

  • We will do everything in our power to work hard for our corporate clients in order to give them maximum positive public exposure.

  • We will be professional in all of our actions while chasing. This includes things like adhering to speed limits, dressing appropriately, government and law enforcement requests etc.

  • We will ensure that we do not become a burden on small communities by bringing with us essential supplies. Essential supplies include adequate amounts of water, fuel, food spare parts etc. We aim to leave as small a footprint as possible in all affected areas. 

Oz Cyclone Chasers believe that by adhering to these simple guidelines, we can help to create a valuable service to the general community.